11 comments on “The potential cost of the new CCIE SP Lab Exam…

  1. Well… You can get a nice 12K with PRP2 and a supported GE linecard that should be able to run IOS-XR for $8K. It is my understanding that you can virtualise it, so you would need only one. The 7600 will be trickier but Cisco states that they are using a simulator for that in the lab. ME3400’s are cheap, I got one for $300 a few months back.

    So the wildcard IMHO is the 7600, but my guess is you don’t need an expensive SIP card for VPLS, it will work on other cards as well – just not with all the features (which the lab won’t support either because it doesn’t have SIP interfaces).

    If I fail my lab early next year I might start looking for a bargain 12K 😉

  2. 7600 run same IOS trains as 7200 (=same features), no need to have platform it self in the lab. Exception might be some LC-specific configs, like qos, maybe evc, etc. Don’t count on LAN series LCs, those have no features at all, I doubt they’ll show up in a lab, make no sense.

  3. Guys, with new gear in place for SP lab is becoming mission impossible, can’t be done; and that is not due to difficulty of the features and technologies such as VPLS etc but due to the fact that such gear (7609, 12K) is expensive to get hold of for months even if you work for an ISP. You may use this gear every day but it is different story when you need gear for labbing. Obviously, you cant do stuff on production gear, only in a lab environment. Who can have that…? very few…even training companies are struggling with new gear. Only with some sort of emulation is possible but it seems that Cisco is not leaking out anything…

  4. Made to the CCNP-Wireless and not sure I’m going to take it all the way to the CCIE-W to tell the truth.

    The CCNP certs have already priced me mostly out of my area’s ability to compensate as it is.

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