4 comments on “What a Crock – Part 2!!

  1. The truth of the mattter and what is more… the common sense of the matter is that the OEQ were always a charade!!!

    A discriminator!

    Now the OEQ still persists to discriminate in the Service Provider, Wireless, SAN, and Security CCIE tracks…

    Does anyone at all note that these are tracks in which there are no Cisco 360 Programs available at this time?

    Cisco’s 360 Program largely failed to offer any advantage to its students and now seeks to mask this fact further by removing the OEQ entirely from the RS and Voice tracks (tracks served by the Cisco 360 Program).

    There is still evil afoot…

    No one should rest until the OEQ are a bad nightmare told to cheating son’s of bitches trying to become CCNA’s in some other land than whatever country you are from…

    Cisco is still at it and it is no more than common thievery!!!

    4 questions for $1400.00 – 1 decides whether a person is a CCIE is just wrong!!!

    Cisco needs to offer vouchers to anyone who has taken such a lottery… and as many times.

    Let’s face it – hard working candidates worldwide were stolen from and for no more than a lottery ticket… not a test of knowledge and skill.

    CCIE Refund!!!

    Darby Weaver

  2. Darby,
    Agreed, especially for those candidates that passed the Troubleshooting & Configuration Sections but lost out on the OEQ. We all know that no one knows 100% of every topic – the key to passing any exam is having enough core knowledge and the being able to make up the weaker parts of your knowledge with your stronger parts. This is true for the lab but not so with the OEQ.
    Anyhow back to technical blogging!

  3. I really agreed with your points
    OEQ: are like lottery’s
    gambling in vegas

    no knowledge test …………..

    bad implementation by CISCO

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