2 comments on “CCIE Lab at a location near you!!

  1. All the exams in pearson vue are called off due to technical failure. It’s really ALL in all the cities around the globe. Guess what? No experienced proctor at all. Only some pearson vue proctors. The software crashed halfway when we are thru the exam. And now cisco is saying that they are not going to pay any transport fee incurred if we are going to retake in another city… UNFAIR!

  2. My question to them is:
    1. How does Cisco compensate the effort that we put on to prepare and to mentally prepare for the lab?
    2. How does Cisco compensate those candidate who sat for the exam halfway, the exam software crashed and called off after 3 hours of troubleshooting? FYI, the reason why the exam is called off is because the exam in Singapore was halted halfway.
    3. How does Cisco be socially responsible, not always by using their ‘arrogance’ to settle this matter?

    The answer that I got is:
    1. We give you the extension of your written for 6 month, so you can have more time to study. Come on… if this is my first attempt, maybe it’s relevant. However for those not first-timer, we should have thought carefully, spend enough time to study before we are so daring to go for this extremely expensive exam.
    2. We give you free voucher for next attempt. To me, it does not cost anything to Cisco. See the numbers of seats available for the exam in various locations. They still have to pay the proctors, the place rental, equipment, etc with/without full capacity of the lab seating. So the free voucher is like ‘a restaurant giving you discount of 5% after the addition of 10% service charge’
    3. Cisco can not pay for travel if you are taking on other country. Another unreasonable reason.

    Now my email to them left unattended and unreplied. Haizzz

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