3 comments on “New CCIE SP Track Announced!

  1. Hey Steve,

    Yeah this looks like something more for NOC roles in NOC Management, and Senior NOC Engineers. The traditional SP track is based more on the Engineering of the SP Core network, while this looks like testing the ability to test and troubleshoot issues that occur in a typical (CCIE Lab, so non-typical really) SP Core network. 🙂


  2. Joe,
    I would have thought that this train would have been at either the Professional or Specialist level – using tools such as NetCool, Solarwinds Family, etc.
    Hard to see more than a very small minority going for this.
    My $0.2.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I’m from Brazil and this is my second visit to your blog. I found it looking for some info about CCIE SP, my next goal. It’s a very interesting blog with a lot of useful information. It’s on my favorites for now on.
    About this new carreer path, I think this is a great idea, because some NOCs are not so good and specific training would be great for NOC Engineers. I personally think that I’ll be one of the very small minority that you mentioned who will be going through this carreer. I’m a Tier III NOC Engineer and it would aggregate a lot to me.
    Thanks to sharing this article with us and keep us posted!


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