2 comments on “OT: CCIE gone wrong?

  1. 1. The city did face a comprehensive power outage and the city’s network survived. This happened within days of Child’s apprehension. I think someone did not know what “writing to flash” really meant. If this were true, there would have been an outage. There was not.

    2. Disabling Password Recovery is a myth. Good to ward of newbies and maybe even other “CCIE’s”. But not without a means of recovery in the proper hands of a knowledgeable Cisco Network Engineer.

    3. The city could not locate a Terminal Server (it has a phone number too!!!) and they wanted Root access to the network!!!

    Sorry the situation the Child’s is in mirrors the situation that mostly every network engineer from the CCNA level up the CCIE level face every day.

    While at a previous employer, I had a female co-worker who was vehemently opposed to the Sr. Systems Admin and his manager – routinely calling them idiots and such. She never missed a chance to tell outside vendors, guests, and other people including co-workers about specific evidence and episodes of these 2 guys. Mostly everyone else was put the same bag as well on the grounds that they could not speak an once of IOS. She was the most extreme case I’d ever seen of this attitude.

    I’m not un-guilty and have specifically not taken jobs or have left jobs when the boss I started with was replaced by a hopelessly non-technical stalwart manager.

    I expect that this is more common than any of us want to admit and we’d all better figure out whose side we are on when the axe comes down.

    The biggest issues I have with the case:”

    1. It really sounds like he was arrested over the rack of equipment he had that was locked in the training room.

    2. They cited a locked toolbox of some sort by his desk where he kept his tools (we are led to believe they “might” be city property) and then more modems (at least 3) that were used for sending (outbound) alerts to Childs using What’s Up Gold.

    3. Consequently the main reason he was arrested it was said was because he got a WUG message on his pager (apparently “NOT” in his possession at the time) and this constituted Administrative Remote Access – per the City’s brainchild of a Security Admin – who also wanted access to the locked rack of gear in the training room (sounded like a remotely accessible CCIE Training POD for Security at the very least – to my poor eyes).

    This is a bad joke and Childs needs to win his countersuit for being illegally arrested and detained for more than 15-16 months by now.

    Really – can someone please help the City of San Francisco.

    BTW – Who is going to want to work in there now with any skill.

    Interviewee: Why is this position being filled and what happened to the last Network Engineer?

    Interviewer: Well we arrested him for doing his job and securing the network from the people he worked for and you should really read the papers. Sorry. We are not allowed to discuss the matter since it is a live criminal case.


    Sorry – even Cisco failed Childs – They said it would take $250,000.00 to replace the City of San Francisco’s “network as-in entire network???” that Child’s illegally secured.

    My friends the number is correct!!! $250,000.00

    That would barely pay for 1-2 ASR Routers after a discount and no labor.

    A consulting firm is quoted at requiring $1,000,000.00 to find a the terminal server. Hah!

    I need to come over for a week or two (maybe 3-4 if they let me milk it) and document this network with Visio and a few spreadsheets.

    I’ve worked for a City and that’s about what it would take me to get the issues documented properly – without bothering the local staff too much.

    Hell – I don’t even need any passwords to get started – just permission to access the network will be fine with me.

    Seriously this guys needs a “Jury of His Peers”… and these clueless types need some serious help…

    When I was in San Francisco for Cisco Live 2009 I could not hardly find a person who could direct me to the freeway/interstate.

    These are the people that the jury is being selected from by the way…


    Childs! We are going to give you a fair trial, followed by a “Swift Hanging!”

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