21 comments on “Do you ever get the feeling….

  1. Hi Stephen,

    Sorry to hear that. You were close to pass. I actually had to endure the same kind of scenario in brussels. But still, all the work you’ve done is not useless… It gave me an other perspective of my job 🙂 Anyway as you suggest it’s family time !


  2. Steve,

    I am really sorry for you. Though it is disappointing you are very near to the goal. I would say it is 5 more points you need to prepare. So take rest. Prepare for those 5 more points. To be frank I am not even close what you are. So you are well ahead. Keep going. Dont wait too long.Check for the recent dates. Do well. All the best.

  3. Steve, I am very sorry to hear that. Please drop me a mail and see if I can help in solving the issue you faced.


  4. Steve – I had exactly the same feeling when I failed my first attempt on ccie sp. I will go back in May 2010 and I am working on that preparation again. I fully understand your pain. One advice: don’t give up . You are close, try again as fast as possible . You are prepared.

  5. “Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.”

    Sound like to me you learned a bunch this time around and with your positive mindset and perseverance, you’ll be to accomplish big things in life, let alone this test ;-).

  6. It sounded like an excellent attempt and you are there you just got a rock in your shoe. Get the rock out and finish this thing – right now give your family their holiday season!!!



  7. Hi Steve,

    I have followed your blog all along my preparation. Am gutted for you! Have also been through this a couple of times already. My next SP attmept is in 2 weeks… Good luck with the next one in June!!


  8. Don’t give up, the finish line is always only one attempt away. Although you have a seat booked in June, keep looking for a seat sooner.

    On the positive side, you could not have chosen a better time to take a break.

  9. Hey mate,

    Try again, don’t give up! Like Darby said, its a rock in your shoe that you have to get out!

    What is your email so we can have a chat?


  10. Hi Stephen, I was following your blog for about more than a year and thought what an eye for detail you have. I was confident you will pass, although not this time but next time is definitely closer and surer. Enjoy your family time for now and sit back what a wonderful inspirations you are to so many preparing for CCIE SP….. Keeping up the good work pal. Ken

  11. First of all thanks for putting the blog of your study.This is the hard work done by you is inspiration for me who is appearing 1st time.The way you have studied is amazing.
    Also I feel sorry for your result.But its just like your success is one more step ahead.

  12. You have done excellent job!

    In your post, “I had one Cat request which I knew how to do”, what does “Cat” stand for? Thanks.

  13. i am a fan of your website , cciesplab.wordpress.com and i also find alot of information in your website. thank you so much, for providing very good information about CCIE SP.

    i just finish CCIE SP written exam, schedule the lab exam in april.
    when i read the lab blueprint, there is one section that i don’t understand. the “Troubleshooting Section”. Cisco website not provide any detail information about troubleshooting section. from your Lab experience, you must know it.
    could you explain me more detail about “troubleshooting section”, how many minute we have for troubleshooting, how many point?, if we fail the troubleshooting section, we wont pass the lab?, what troubleshooting exam cover? any example for that.

    very thank you if you can reply my email.
    sovanvichet pheng

  14. Yeah, we have all been there one time or another. Keep at it and it will come. I am just starting the SP track now (already have R&S) – will keep an eye on this blog in the future.
    Be positive, enjoy the holidays, then get back at it!

  15. Steve;
    I did my lab in Dec 15, and when I was done I was sure i passed, however when I got my results back, I found that I failed and their grades were completely out of sense. There are sections I know for sure I completed 100%, however I got 60%. I started to beleive that Cisco pass few numbers each year and once they reach this limit, they fail every one. It sucks completely.

  16. Issa,
    I feel your pain – A close friend of mine feels the same way – he got his number on the 2nd attempt and finished his 1st attempt in 4 hours! Tested, re-read and made no corrections for the 2nd 4 hours and failed not having any clue why. He then went to a renowned CCIE bootcamp and this was communicated to him that there was a form of quota in play.
    Personally I am sceptical that this is true and I certainly hope it is not!

  17. Steve,

    Just so you know I am also a 2-timers on SP…my feeling is that don’t put all your life there.

    For your friend however, 4 hours to complete? Maybe too good for CCIE? He might be a victim of quota, but if something is beyond our control, we will just have to live with it…

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