9 comments on “Almost at the finish line!

  1. Best of luck Steve, don’t rush! You have plenty of time in SP lab! Just take your time, think things through, use CCO (UniCD) and come back to things when you get stuck! In my lab I was stuck on one issue for ages, it wasn’t a config issue, it was one of the routers but it killed my for an hour or so, so I moved on and came back as it was only a PE-CE task.

  2. I know you can do it Steve! Yes, while I was doing my lab exam last Friday, I faced some issues with the IOS, and rebooting the router is definitely one of the solutions for that problem. Do not spend too much time on troubleshooting, just skip to the next question and reboot the problematic router, and you’ll see the woods. Time passes by way faster during the exam compared to during my daily practice. Now you’ve done all your preparation well, what’s the best thing you could do is to stay calm. We’ll all pray for you and check your blog on Friday.


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