10 comments on “Labbing – Labbing – 6 days to go

  1. All the best Steve! I had mine yesterday and I PASSED! Don’t worry too much on QoS. As for system management, those indicated in blueprints are important, but it’s only tested at basic level, I’m sure you have no problem with that. Cheers!

  2. Thanks Steve. Important is to get a good night sleep before the exam day and stay calm during the exam. Once again, good luck!

  3. All the best Steve !

    Just want to know, IE SP boot camp COD contains mock labs also (as you used)? If so, whats the level of these labs? Is it good to try at the end of my preparation?


      • Rick – Are you sure you don’t have the SP AT CoD confused with the SP 5-day Bootcamp CoD (in addition to the live and on-site version)? According to this (http://ieoc.com/forums/t/8694.aspx) the CoD version indeed has 3 mock labs, but not sure if they are the same as the ones on either the live or on-site bootcamp.

  4. Thanks guys, got a little burnt out this morning so go off the labbing and just read general notes for the day – some great blog posts around now by people like Bryan Bartik, Joe Astorino & of course Rick Mur!!

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