6 comments on “Another SP Mock Lab Completed & Lessons Learned

  1. Nice work Steve, you should be fine. I have another 12 days to go.

    p.s. I’ve sent you a short mail few days back. 😉

  2. No, it’s one of 4 mock labs I put together [as none exist on the market] based on both the INE & IPExpert Labs and also from my 1st lab experience. Basically what I do is take a bunch of labs say INE 1->5 and take every question asked for say ISIS so then in my ISIS section I have five questions on say performance, security, levels 1 & 2, double NET addressing, etc.
    The idea being that whatever I get asked for in the lab I will have practised beforehand.

    HTH, Steve.

  3. Good work. If I may suggest some points:
    * One cannot stress enough the importance of each single point of the blueprint. You have to know the single details of each topics if you don’t want to lose time with the doccd
    * Base your study of the BLUEPRINT with the DOCCD.
    * Work HARD on command output. Read twice even 10 times the output if needed (even if it is not needed)…
    * Read the question twice: questions could be vicious. It is not recommended to do if not asked to but DO if the questions imply hidden task. If you have any doubt and over-configuration soes not prevent the question to be answered => over-configure
    * Most people fail the lab because of mis-interpretation and don’t answer the question.

    Just my 2 cents and may the force be with you 🙂

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