4 comments on “Steve’s CCIE SP Glossary

  1. Active Timeout: This is a Cisco command that breaks up long-lived flows into 1-minute segments. You can choose any number of minutes between 1 and 60; if you leave the default of 30 minutes you will get spikes in your utilization reports.

    Command to type: ip flow-cache timeout active 1

    Inactive Timeout: This is a Cisco command. It ensures that flows that have finished are exported in a timely manner. The default is 15 seconds; you can choose any value between 10 and 600. Note however that if you choose a value that is longer than 250 seconds the NetFlow reporter may report traffic levels that appear low.

    Command to type: ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15

    Collector: The software that is receiving the flows and possibly providing a reporting interface.

  2. Hi!

    The Service Provider LAB not have “troubleshoot” equal to R&S?

    9.00 Troubleshoot a Network
    9.10 Troubleshoot complex Layer 2 network issues
    9.20 Troubleshoot complex Layer 3 network issues
    9.30 Troubleshoot a network in response to application problems
    9.40 Troubleshoot network services
    9.50 Troubleshoot network security

    Not found anywhere information about troubleshoot in Service Provider LAB.


    • Hi Steve!
      Thanks for the informations.
      The Service Provider Lab, is like the old R & S? For the current version (4.0) are dedicated two hours to troubleshoot. And also has session of questions and answers. That is, the version 4.0 R&S LAB was much more difficult. I wonder if there was also a change in Service Provider Lab, equal to R&S.
      Thank you.

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