3 comments on “Invested in additional SP study material!

  1. Hello,
    I hope you are doing well, do share your experience with this product is it helping you enough to pass the lab. and you did not share the experience of LAB in term of checklist, was that well prepared or you think you missed something in checklist ??

  2. Good luck with your SP studies. I’ve heard great things about IPExpert’s study material. Most people do not pass any CCIE on the first attempt, but this is especially true for the SP track! Hang in there..

  3. Good luck with your endeavors. I would really advice you to buy the Multi-protocol-challenge workbook. This one is so good and was one of the key-points that I passed in first attempt.

    I don’t like the videos and especially the labs that come with it. They are way too easy and don’t get even near covering the blueprint.
    There are plans however to extend and update those labs!

    But if you can spare some extra money buy WB2, you will get slapped in the face by those labs 😛 At least they did that with me! 🙂

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