6 comments on “Back Online.

  1. Hey mate,

    Good to hear you’ll be back into it! Have you paid for your 2nd attempt in Sep? You should seriously try to move it to April mate! That is what i’m doing, since I failed my first go on Feb 9! I gave myself a week off then have been back into it! I’m really focusing on Multicast (especially MVPNs) as it is my weakness as here in Australia we don’t do any, or hardly any, multicast at all! Although in the lab I tested my config at home the best I could and it worked, then next day it didn’t work! So I guess Multicast is just like that! What were your weakest areas? Maybe we can help each other out!


  2. Stephen, welcome back. I am glad you are getting right back into it and I wish you the best of luck on the next attempt. I am an R&S CCIE studying for SP and have appreciated all of the great information on your site. Keep it up and I am sure next time will be it! thanks….

  3. Where are you mate? Hitting the study again yet? Have you moved your lab forward to April/May like we all have suggested here!
    I had a friend in the Cisco TAC fail his SP lab last week so still looks like more fails than passes this year so far! I hope to add a pass to SP next month!

  4. Hey mate,

    How’s it all going? When are you getting back into the study mate? I passed my 2nd attempt last Friday, so its very doable but you have to stay with it and can’t drop off for too long!


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