5 comments on “Lab Prep Update

  1. Good luck and Thank you for prep lab tips

    When I troubleshooting MPLS VPN especially
    when Multiple MPLS Label involved and some
    of the Label Value are same e.g

    This can happen in CSC Scenario with
    MPLS VPN ISP as Customer

    MPLS Label for Transport Label (TE Label) is 20
    MPLS Label for Transport Label (IGP Label) is 20
    MPLS Label For VPN-1 Label is 20

    When I troubleshooting this, It can be very confusing sometimes which label refer to which MPLS Label Operation.

    Some Links that I found very useful

    Troubleshooting MPLS VPN:

    Troubleshooting MPLS TE

    Implementing an MPLS VPN Over TE Tunnel

    Multipath MPLS Trace

  2. Thanks Guys,
    I am checking the links now and they look good. I have solely used the Product Support Documentation as my web reference as its the only resource available on the lab but one can forget the networkers sessions from which a lot of lab exam content is drawn.

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