4 comments on “My Long Overdue CCIE SP Lab Checklist

  1. You may want to add “lack of verification” to your reason for failure table. When I was working on R&S, one of my biggest challenges when working on mock labs was in being surprised in the number of tasks I didn’t get points on because they weren’t 100% complete. Missing applying a command to a single port or device, access-list entry, BGP route, etc cost me dearly.

    On the R&S lab, most folks I knew who adequately prepared did not run into any time issues, myself included. If you can do a moderately difficult workbook lab in 8 hours, you may be surprised how quickly you can move through the real thing.

    • Ed,
      Good call. This is definetly a gotcha. Also interpretation of the results of various debug and show commnds as well. I will add this into the next version.

  2. Let me take a look.

    I know my insomnia kills me when taking a lab. Like you said take a week to get your body ready for the battle.

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